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On the latest edition of Vince Russo?s The Brand, Raw Then & Now, Russo spoke out on Kevin Owens winning the WWE Universal Championship on Raw this week. Below are some highlights, and you can listen to the entire show at this link.

On Kevin Owens Being WWE Universal Champion:

Ok bro, I am bombarded with the Kevin Owens people. Can I just say this? Let me just say this because we are going to talk about this for a while, ok? Listen, I?m going to say this once: If you are one of these idiots who actually believe that Kevin Owens actually won a scripted, fake wrestling match on TV yesterday, let me tell you a few things; 1) Please don?t tweet me for a couple of reasons, because you?re going to tweet me, I?m going to read your tweet, and I?m going to think to myself, what kind of jacka** is this that actually thinks Kevin Owens won a match and then I?m going to block you because I can?t wrap my head around that level of stupidity, I can?t. If you actually think Kevin Owens won a match last night; I don?t care if you?re 2, I don?t care if you?re 4, I don?t care if you?re 8, I don?t care if you?re freaking 80; if you actually believe the guy won something, I can?t wrap my head around that; so a couple of things: don?t tweet me, here?s another thing, I don?t want you to listen to this show. If you are one of these people that Kevin Owens won a match yesterday, and shoved it up my backside because he is the WWE Universal Champion and I said this about him, and I said that about him, please don?t listen to this show. I don?t want you insulting the intelligence of my show, so please, if you are one of those people who fall into the category and you know who you are, don?t listen to my show. If I have to sit here and tell you wrestling is a Work, and nobody wins or loses their matches. If I actually have to tell you that and you are over the age of 5 years old, please, please don?t tweet me, don?t listen to this show; disassociate yourself with Vince Russo, I?m irrelevant, I am all those things you say I am, please, please don?t listen to the show. Guys, if the [San Francisco] Giants go to the Playoffs this year, and they lose, I will be upset, if anybody out there honestly believes for a second that I care that Kevin Owens is the WWE Universal Champion. Do you understand that in about a month, our promotion here, Rocky Mountain Pro is going to be on national television in about a month. That is what I care about, that is where my energy is. Do you think for one F?N second, I care about Kevin Owens being WWE Universal Champion? For you to think that I actually care about this, please, if you fall under one of these categories, don?t listen to this show, just go away from me.

On Kevin Owens Being Champion From a Business Perspective:

Let me tell you what putting the belt on Kevin Owens achieves does for the WWE, and what it doesn?t achieve for the WWE as a whole. First of all, I?m not in the locker room, so I don?t know the landscape of the locker room, nor do I care, I?m not one of these idiots who is on the phone with moles everyday to find out what time Vince McMahon takes a dump. I don?t care, I don?t care what the people in the WWE are doing. It?s of no interest to me, but if you want to look at maybe some of the reasons why. Maybe what was going through the mind of the WWE, from a business perspective, we?ll look at that, but I?m also going to look at the other side of it. From a business perspective, let?s look at the four guys that were in the match. First of all, the way they look at Big Cass, Cass wasn?t ready, he has his whole career ahead of him, yada yada yada,?whatever bro. If Cass isn?t ready then he shouldn?t be on the main roster number one, number two I said yesterday on the Relm Network and, if they really wanted to do something with Cass they had an opportunity to do something for him last night. I?m not saying put the belt on him, I?m saying, let him go to the final 2, let Triple H screw him, they could have elevated him to a whole other category and they didn?t. Him being in that match didn?t elevate him no matter what they want to tell you. So, Cass is out, and next you look at Seth Rollins, who the list of who this guy has hurt inside the ring grows week by week really can?t reward a guy who is hurting other guys. Let?s look at Roman Reigns; as much as Vince McMahon would have loved to, you can?t reward a guy just coming off failing a Wellness Policy test, so that leaves you with Kevin Owens. So now, what that does now is that it sends a message to the locker room, well you know, Rollins is hurting people, Reigns failed a drug test, guys, if you are a good soldier like a Kevin Owens, you too can become WWE Universal Champion. That is the message they are trying to send to the locker room. I get all that bro, I get it, I understand it. Here is the payoff: Kevin Owens is now the hood ornament of your company. Do you want to drive around with Kevin Owens sitting at the hood of your car? I don?t. Basically bro, at the end of the day, this is what you have to do; it?s very simple: Put Kevin Owens in the John Cena role. It?s that simple. We?re going to put Kevin Owens on Good Morning America, we?re going to put Kevin Owens in commercials, we?re going to put Kevin Owens in movies, we?re going to put Kevin Owens on the Kids Choice Awards, on MTV, it?s that simple. He?s the hood ornament of your company. Would I make Kevin Owens the hood ornament of my company? No, I would not! I don?t see Kevin Owens sitting next to Kelly Rippa. I don?t see that. If you disagree with me, I don?t care. It doesn?t matter to me. But, you?re replacing John Cena is what you are doing, which is preposterous. That is absolutely freaking ridiculous. Then I hear things like; oh, says the guy who put the belt on David Arquette. First of all, David Arquette was more over than Kevin Owens will ever be. Casual wrestling fans and casual wrestling viewers in general knew who David Arquette was. That?s first of all. Casual viewers have no idea who Kevin Owens is, and every time he comes out, literally they?re like, who is this guy? So, that comparison is ridiculous. Another thing I hear is; oh, says the guy who was going to put the belt on Tank Abbott. Well, I was going to put the belt on Tank Abbott because of the circumstances in the match, and oh by the way, Tank Abbott was a legitimate shoot fighter, and he knocked people out for a living and the way the story was written out made sense, so who knows, maybe he would of had the belt for a week. Also, understand that booking came from me being backed in the corner and everybody being hurt and something had to be done with the circumstances I was dealt with. Regardless, it doesn?t even matter, I look at the list this morning bro, here are guys that have never been the WWE Champion. People want to know how far wrestling has fallen. We have Dean Ambrose as one champion, and Kevin Owens as the other. You want to know how far wrestling has fallen? Razor Ramon/Scott Hall was never a WWE Champion, Jake the Snake Roberts was never a WWE Champion, Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig was never a WWE Champion, King Kong Bundy was never a WWE Champion, Rowdy Roddy Piper was never a WWE Champion. I can go on and on and on, Kevin Owens is the WWE Universal Champion, and you?re going to look me in the eye, if you call yourself a wrestling fan and understand anything about wrestling, you are going to look me in the eye and tell me that the wrestling business is not at a rock bottom, and you?re going to sit there and tell me that the wrestling?business doesn?t suck? When, so many people were over, that a Roddy Piper couldn?t even be a Champion? Or a Curt Hennig couldn?t be a WWE Champion? You?re going to sit there and tell me how over wrestling is? Give me a F?N break, but for the record: I don?t give a crap if they put the belt on Heath Slater. If they put the belt on Heath Slater tomorrow, I don?t care. It?s not my company, it?s not going to affect my life. So, for you idiots that are tweeting me that actually think I actually care? Guys, please stop, because every time I get one of these tweets, I cannot fathom the person on the other end who the other person on the computer is. I cannot wrap my head around your level of stupidity, so I don?t know what you are accomplishing tweeting me that Kevin Owens is now the WWE Champion.

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Tennis bad boy goes nuts on heckler: ‘I’ll put my balls in your mouth’ – New York Post

Australian tennis star?Bernard Tomic?s reputation took another hit after?he told a US Open heckler to ?suck my balls.?

Tomic?s foul-mouthed rant was picked up?by court-side microphones during?his first-round loss Tuesday to unseeded Bosnian Damir Dzumhur 6-4, 6-3, 4-6, 7-6 (0).

While Dzumhur served in the first set, Tomic?took pauses between points to fire verbal volleys at the heckler, telling the spectator, ?I will put my balls in your mouth? and ?I will give you some money to make you feel good.?

The heated exchange between?Tomic and the fan got so bad that French umpire?Cedric Mourier asked the Aussie about it between games and advised the player to go through official channels instead of confronting the heckler on his own.

?He was saying some s?t,? Tomic explained to Mourier. The umpire responded, ?It?s better you go through me than try to solve it by yourself.?

After the match, Tomic explained that he snapped because the heckler was jeering him in his mother tongue ? Tomic was born in Germany to a Croatian father and Bosnian mother.

?He was just baiting me a bit. You know, I don?t want to get into it. I apologized for what I said to him,? Tomic told reporters,?according to

?After he left the first set, I think the crowd got happy he left because he was a bit annoying.?

Tomic?s manager,?David Drysdale, further explained, ?The guy was at him all the way through the first set, calling Bernie a p?y and telling Bernie to go and have a cry with his little p?y girlfriend.?

This isn?t the first time that?Tomic has gotten in trouble for either his foul mouth or his interactions with spectators.

While playing at Wimbledon in 2011, Tomic approached the chair umpire and requested that his own father be ejected from the match.

?He?s annoying. I know he?s my father, but he?s annoying me. I want him to leave, but how?s that possible?? Tomic asked the ref,?according to the Daily Mail.

Tomic?s tongue also got him in trouble at Wimbledon earlier this year when he said in a post-match press conference, ?unfortunately I had to stand on court like a retard? while waiting for his opponent.

Tennis bad boy goes nuts on heckler: ‘I’ll put my balls in your mouth’ – New York Post

Why backhand slice has become ‘necessity’ in tennis – USA TODAY




A look at wins by Venus and Serena as well as an impressive showing by Simona Halep.
Tennis Channel

NEW YORK ??In the early stages of another comeback from another wrist injury in February, 2009 U.S. Open champion Juan Martin del Potro sounded almost desperate. ?I need to improve my backhand as soon as I can.?

Del Potro was protecting his surgically repaired left wrist and therefore slicing balls defensively on the backhand with one hand, presenting a Steffi Graf-like game plan: Float the ball low and deep off the backhand, pounce when you can with a wailing forehand.

Six months later, del Potro has the same game and an Olympic silver medal in hand.

?I think it?s almost become a necessity for the top players in the men?s game to have a good slice backhand,? said Patrick McEnroe, an ESPN commentator.

While del Potro has sliced out of physical necessity, numerous top men?s players ? Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal and others ? have developed the one-handed backhand slice as a neutralizing shot that frustrates foes.

On the women?s side, Roberta Vinci put on a dazzling one-handed backhand slice display a year ago in her upset of Serena Williams in the U.S. Open.

?I?ve worked on that shot ad nauseam forever now,? said John Isner, who used the stroke in a five-set comeback win Monday against teenager Frances Tiafoe, a fellow American. ?It?s always going to be a pretty important shot for me.?

The shot has always been important ? ever hear of a guy named Roger Federer? ? but as tennis has become more aggressive, the focus in the sport has been on building an attacking game: big serves, sound groundstrokes and put-away weapons from anywhere in the court.

Federer?s domination has kept the shot afloat in the men?s game, and Djokovic and Murray have only strengthened their own backhand slices to become more multifaceted defensive players when they are stretched wide or pushed far behind the baseline.

?For me, it?s important as a guy with a big reach ? it helps me out,? said 2016 Wimbledon finalist Milos Raonic. ?It also buys me some time if I?m out of position to get back in a situation where I have a better opportunity.?

?We?ve sort of seen a mini-comeback of the slice backhand, and I?m thrilled about it,? said Cliff Drysdale, an ESPN commentator.

?I?m just in awe of how del Potro has been able to come back basically on crutches when it comes to his tennis game. You lose one of your major shots, and usually it spells doom. I?m so fascinated by how he?s been able to do it.?

As tennis has become a sport for taller athletes including Raonic, Isner and other 6-foot-somethings, a low, spin-laden shot can be even more effective, noted John McEnroe, who spent the grass-court season as an adviser on Raonic?s team.

?It?s clearly a shot that can reset you. It can do a lot of things,? John McEnroe said. ?You try to get in the guy?s head; you try to use it in certain situations. ? Even if you can hit the ball harder than anyone, at times you have to mix it up, unless you can absolutely blow a hundred-mile-an-hour fastball by someone every time.?

?I use it as a weapon,? said Steve Johnson, the highest-seeded American man in the draw. ?Some people think I?m crazy because I don?t come over (the backhand) all the time, but I make guys adjust to what I do best.?

Del Potro and Johnson are set for the ultimate slice-off Thursday: a second-round meeting in the U.S. Open.

So who does the backhand slice best on tour? Isner has the answer.

?Roger probably,? he said of Federer. ?Yeah. Roger.?


Why backhand slice has become ‘necessity’ in tennis – USA TODAY

Tennis-Bouchard falls at U.S. Open but legal battle continues – Yahoo Sports

(Changes exasperated to exacerbated in 14th para)

By Steve Keating

NEW YORK, Aug 30 (Reuters) – Eugenie Bouchard slumped to a first-round defeat at the U.S. Open on Tuesday but the Canadian might yet leave Flushing Meadows a big winner with her lawsuit against the grand slam and United States Tennis Association still to hit the courts.

Last year Bouchard exited the tournament under equally unhappy circumstances when she slipped on a wet locker room floor after a mixed doubles match, sustaining a concussion that forced her to withdraw from her fourth-round singles contest.

The 22-year-old Canadian, once ranked fifth in the world, has since filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Open and the USTA.

According to a report in the New York Times, Bouchard’s lawyer, Benedict Morelli, has indicated he is seeking “millions and millions” in damages. The winner of the U.S. Open this year will take home $3.5 million.

Bouchard, however, says she is completely focused on what is happening on the tennis court and has left legal matters to her lawyers.

“I am 100 percent focused on tennis and I have lawyers who are working on the case and I don’t think about it often at all, maybe once a month when they call me,” Bouchard told reporters after her loss.

“I’m disappointed with what I think happened so I have to fight for what I think is right.”

This year, Bouchard had no one to blame but herself for her first-round stumble as she was tripped up 6-3 3-6 6-2 by 20-year-old Czech Katerina Siniakova, who registered a first ever win at the U.S. Open.


Despite the looming legal battle, Bouchard said she had been treated well by USTA officials but conceded that the situation was an awkward one.

“If I sit down and think about it, yeah, it is definitely a strange situation but something that is so far back in my mind I don’t think about it on a daily basis at all,” said Bouchard.

“Obviously being here it has crossed my mind but beside that, it has nothing to do with my day-to-day life.”

In 2014, Bouchard arrived at the year’s final grand slam on the cusp of tennis super stardom.

Having reached the final at Wimbledon and the last four at both the Australian and French Open, Bouchard rode a wave of grand slam momentum into the U.S. Open where she was seeded seventh and hyped as the next face of women’s tennis.

But even before her concussion last year, Bouchard’s star had already begun to fade behind a string of lacklustre results that she claims was exacerbated by the accident that caused her to cut short last season.

“It was very difficult for me,” Bouchard said. “I tried to come back and still had symptoms and probably tried to come back too soon because I love playing and I wanted to play.

“It (the accident) ended my year and I had a really rough couple of months.” (Editing by Mark Lamport-Stokes)

Tennis-Bouchard falls at U.S. Open but legal battle continues – Yahoo Sports