'Mr. Chess' murder defendant found incompetent – The Courier-Journal

The man accused of killing Stephen Dillard, known as?”Mr. Kentucky Chess,” in March 2013 has been found mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Jefferson Circuit Court Judge McKay Chauvin issued the order to commit 22-year-old?Ronshai?Jenefor to Central State Hospital, a Louisville psychiatric facility, following an involuntary commitment hearing last week.

That hearing was closed to the public, as are much of the records from that proceeding. Court staff could not locate the case file Tuesday morning, however, courthouse computer terminals detail that Jenefor was committed Aug. 30.

Jennifer Porter, an assistant public defender representing Jenefor, filed a competency motion last summer in which she wrote her client had a longstanding history of mental illness and was “unable to rationally participate in his own defense.”

Jenefor’s?mental state was discussed at a?series of competency hearings in the last year during which medical professionals from Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center testified about?Jenefor’s?symptoms of schizophrenia and their attempts to restore the accused to competency using various medications.

Commonwealth Attorney’s Office spokesman Jeff Cooke said that Jenefor will come before the court on a yearly basis to reassess if he is competent but he otherwise will remain at Central State Hospital and the murder charge against him will be considered pending.

A call to Porter was not immediately answered.

Jenefor lived with Dillard, 55, in his home in the 8900 block of Thelma Lane in Jeffersontown.

Court records detail that Jenefor?told a Jeffersontown Police detective that he stabbed Dillard more than 140 times “because he was molesting me,” though he said?Dillard wasn’t molesting or otherwise endangering him.

The defendant’s grandmother told police her grandson met Dillard through the young man’s older brother, who was one of Dillard’s former foster children, according to court records.

Reporter Matthew Glowicki can be reached at 502-582-4989 or mglowicki@courier-journal.com.?

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West End School chess champs chalk up their success to patience and skill – Taranaki Daily News

West End School students Thisal Gunasinghe 9, Max Sherman 11, Jezmah Fleming 11, Jake Sherman, 11 and Ethan Clough, 11, ...


West End School students Thisal Gunasinghe 9, Max Sherman 11, Jezmah Fleming 11, Jake Sherman, 11 and Ethan Clough, 11, are off to the national chess champs.

To be a great chess player you need patience and good poker face.?

“Patience is key,” 11-year-old Jake Sherman said.

“If you don’t have patience you’re not very good at chess.”?

Jake Sherman, 11, says you have to be patient to be good at chess.


Jake Sherman, 11, says you have to be patient to be good at chess.

Jake, along with twin brother Max,?Ethan Clough, 11, and Thisal Gunasinghe, 9, are the four West End School chess champs who won the primary students’ section of the?Taranaki regional finals held in Oakura on August 26.

The group, along with reserve player Jezmah?Fleming, 11, will head to Palmerston North on September 24 for a day and a half of competing against the best young strategists in the country.?

*?Taranaki inter-school primary and intermediate chess champions crowned
*?Spotswood college chess team tops the table at Taranaki regional finals
*?Chess grandmaster cheats with iPhone hidden in toilet cubicle
*?A cracking pace set as young chess players test their skill in Timaru

Spotswood College and Highlands Intermediate will also have teams playing in the secondary and intermediate students’ national finals.?

Along with a good dose of patience you also needed?to control your emotions, even when you make a bad move, Ethan said.?

“You have to be able to not show it – even if you’ve done something really silly,” he said.?

Regional finals’ games had a 15 minute time limit with eight seconds added to the clock every time you finished your turn, but the national games would go for 25 minutes, with?five seconds added for each finished turn.?

“Some moves you’re going really quickly, but some moves do take like two minutes to do,” Ethan said.

“You’ve got to think of the right piece and the right space to move it to.”?

But when in doubt, sacrifice the piece that isn’t doing much on the board, 9-year-old Thisal said.

Thisal is the youngest player on the team, and will be the only one left at West End School once the older kids move onto intermediate next year.?

Their coach, David Notley said West End had come close to winning regionals once before, but it was great to finally get a team to nationals.?

Chess was a cross over of art, sport, science and math, and helped a lot of kids in their general learning at school, he said.?

“They’re learning self-discipline and being able to think in a more structured way. Your opponents are any age and either gender, but it teaches you how people think.”?


Doyel: Why did a Mr. Basketball candidate choose prep school? Seriously, I'm asking – Indianapolis Star

Highlights of Southport’s Paul Scruggs at the Under Armour event in Fishers April 22-24.
Joe Spears / for IndyStar

Southport senior Paul Scruggs is?the latest Division I basketball recruit to leave the Indianapolis-area for a prep powerhouse ??and the third serious candidate to remove himself from the running for 2017 IndyStar Mr. Basketball.

Depending on who?s doing the talking, Scruggs? transfer on Tuesday to Prolific Prep in Napa, Calif., is a logical decision? ??or?a bizarre basketball move.

?It was a no-brainer,? Scruggs? father, Dan, told me Tuesday.

?It?s chaos,? said a college basketball coach familiar with Scruggs, one of seven coaches I spoke with in an attempt to make sense of this story.

And I failed. Cannot make sense of it.

For one thing, Scruggs is transferring to a school that?didn?t exist three years ago. For another, Prolific Prep isn?t a school at all. It?s a basketball team that sends its players to a Catholic school in Napa, Justin-Siena High School.

Prolific Prep has a website and a Twitter page, but no physical address.

You hear me??Paul Scruggs just transferred to a P.O. box.

?Recruiting has gotten weird, we all know that, but this is too much,? another college coach told me. ?Transferring one month into your senior year? That?s weird. Going across the country? That?s weird.?

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Had Paul Scruggs stayed at Southport, he likely would have left as the school’s all-time leading scorer.?(Photo: Mykal McEldowney/IndyStar)

This story involves the often complicated relationship between high school and AAU. It involves a sneaker company. But?I?ll start with a former NBA player named Gary Trent, whose son ??Gary Jr. ??is one of the top recruits in the Class of 2017.

Gary Trent Jr. is at Prolific Prep, his third school in five months. He?s best friends with Paul Scruggs. They?ve known each other since second grade, and were AAU teammates for years. The families are close.

Gary Trent Sr. called the Scruggs family a few weeks ago and suggested they give Prolific Prep a look for Paul?s senior year.

?Gary Sr. told me how good the program there was,? Dan Scruggs said. ?It really piqued our curiosity, and I saw the opportunity for Paul to improve on his academic schedule and his basketball skill level.

?My wife and I, we?re very religious,? Dan Scruggs continued. ?We prayed about it and asked the Lord which way we should go, and he directed us in that direction.?

The story could end right there. Or it could go in another direction, a direction that starts in the Crispus Attucks school district, where Paul Scruggs lived through eighth grade. Indy Hoosiers AAU coach Mike Peterson?has coached Scruggs for nearly a decade, a relationship that started before Scruggs could dribble with his left hand. Peterson, a Southport graduate, suggested Paul attend Southport High to learn from a staff led by Kyle Simpson and included?former Notre Dame standout Chris Thomas, the IndyStar Mr. Basketball in 2001.

In three years at Southport, Scruggs moved to within 55 points of Kellon Thomas? all-time school record. Since Scruggs? junior season ended at semistate, Peterson says, he has heard from prep schools around the country wanting Scruggs for his senior season.

?I had a million calls,? Peterson said, mentioning La Lumiere in La Porte and Huntington (W.Va.) Prep. Two other schools involved were Brewster (N.H.) Academy and Findlay (Nev.) Prep, Gary Trent Jr.?s school for a few weeks before he settled at Prolific Prep.

As August approached the plan was for Scruggs to return to Southport, and he has been in class there for several weeks. But in recent weeks the plan changed. Why? Depends on who?s doing the talking, but the timing is curious. It was early last month that saw the breakup of Scruggs? high school coach and his AAU coach.

It?s confusing, but in a nutshell: Simpson was running the local AAU program, funded in part by Under Armor, that oversaw Peterson?s Indy Hoosiers. Two men with two different visions, Peterson took his Indy Hoosiers one way and Simpson took his Under Armor sponsorship another. Simpson is joining forces with former Broad Ripple, IUPUI and Indiana Pacers standout George Hill for an AAU program that will be called G3 Grind.

Peterson, who also?is close to Gary Trent Sr., is?still?looking for his basketball landing spot, but told me he?s not worried about it. He has a son playing high school football. He has?been working?on a computer app that would track a youth basketball player?s diet, academics and more, and?went this spring to Under Armor headquarters in Baltimore to work on it?but couldn?t make a deal.

What does the split of Scruggs? high school coach and AAU coach have to do with his transfer to Prolific Prep ??or??Pro Prep,? as the two-year-old basketball operation likes to be called? That?s a good question. Could be a coincidence.

?The timing is going to make it seem like it, but this has nothing to do with Kyle Simpson and Mike Peterson,? Peterson told me.

College coaches involved in Scruggs? recruitment ???he has been recruited hard by IU, Purdue, Xavier, UConn, Illinois and Michigan State, among others ??don?t believe that.

?This is all about that rift,? one Division I coach told me.

?Everything was fine at Southport,? said another Division I coach, ?until the drama started between the two coaches.?

Dan Scruggs?says his son’s transfer?has nothing to do with that.

?We spent a little time talking about it, praying about it, and this is where God has led us,? he said of Prolific Prep.

Whatever the reason, Scruggs becomes the third Class of 2017 standout to leave the IHSAA and his shot at Indiana?s Mr. Basketball, joining Park Tudor?s Jaren Jackson Jr. (who transferred to La Lumiere) and Pike?s Justin Roberts (transferred to Findlay Prep).

How does the transfer impact Scruggs? recruiting? Coaches involved say it shouldn?t matter much, noting that recruiting is a 26-mile marathon ???and we?re in mile 25,? one told me. Scruggs considered committing to IU after his freshman season but has moved closer to Xavier over time. UConn, however, has become a major player in recent weeks.

As for the kid himself ??this is about the kid, I hope ??Paul Scruggs has two goals: be academically eligible for Division I next fall, and be physically ready for major college basketball in one year and the NBA shortly thereafter.?Scruggs and his parents flew to California this weekend to check out Prolific Prep.

Only his parents came back.

Scruggs stayed in Napa. He?s taking classes at a Catholic school, living with a host family and playing basketball for a P.O. box. I wonder how many people really know why Paul Scruggs is out there. I wonder if Paul Scruggs is among them.

Find IndyStar columnist Gregg Doyel on Twitter at @GreggDoyelStar or at www.facebook.com/gregg.doyel.

NSU's wrestling team looks ahead to new season – KSFY

ABERDEEN – Northern State University’s wrestling team is gearing up for another season. Just a year ago, low funding for the program nearly kept the athletes off the wrestling mat.

For a moment last year, NSU wrestlers didn’t know if they were staying in Aberdeen or moving to a different state. But thanks to the support of the city and schools, they get to represent the Wolves once again.

“When it happened I was in shock, disappointed, really upset,” says Sean Havlovick, a senior wrestler at NSU. “These guys I had been working with for the last three years, and I was like wow what am I going to do now.”

This was the panic of numerous wrestlers, before the start of last season’s schedule. The school began to reassess the program, and low funding almost led to a suspension.

“They just felt that maybe there needed to be some things revamped and we had a lot of great people from the community come in and step up and say this program is important and the guys on the team, they expressed their concern and why it was important to them,” says Rocky Burkett, the wrestling team’s Head Coach.

“You start to think ok well I have other options of course you don’t want to go anywhere else you want to stay here, you want to be at Northern State, the place you started off,” says Havlovick.

Donors and alumni eventually raised almost $375,000 in just 8 days, securing the program at the school for the next 5 years. The uncertainty of the team’s future, led to low recruiting numbers last year but the head coach says this year’s team is looking better.

“I think we’re in a good spot and now it’s just time for us to go out and really get to work as far as reaching the goals that we’ve set for the program,” says Burkett.

This year’s team has about 25 men on their roster. Their first match is on November 6.

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick: Jets are better than last year, and so am I – ESPN (blog)

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — After an anxious offseason as The Quarterback Without A Team, Ryan Fitzpatrick is back in his happy place — “the perfect situation,” he calls it.

By that, he means the right team, the right coaching staff and the right moment in his career to redefine his legacy and prove to the New York Jets’ organization that he’s not a one-hit wonder. That’s a lot of stuff for his Harvard brain to process, but Fitzpatrick doesn’t seem distracted as he approaches the season — only confident. It’s not brashness, but he definitely conveys his purpose.

“I want to be in the playoffs,” Fitzpatrick said Monday in a sit-down with ESPN.com. “We’ll see what happens, but I think we’ve got the right guys to do it. … Our expectations are higher this year. I think we’re a more confident football team.”

Asked if the Jets have a playoff-caliber roster, he replied without hesitation.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is ready to lace them up and prove that his 31 touchdown passes in 2015 weren’t a fluke.?AP Photo/Nick Wass

“Yeah, there’s no doubt,” he said.

Entering his 12th season, Fitzpatrick has started 105 games without a playoff appearance. The only quarterback since the 1970 merger with more starts in that category is Archie Manning (139). ‘Ol Archie is a terrific guy, but this is one time you don’t want to be mentioned in the same paragraph as him.

Fitzpatrick almost changed that last season, but … well, you know what happened in Week 17. It got ugly in Buffalo and now, nine months later, he wants to make it right.

“I don’t care about the [individual] stuff,” he said. “My career right now is better than I could’ve expected in terms of how long I’ve played and what I’ve been able to do. … I want so bad to get [to the playoffs], and part of it is because I’ve never been there. But a lot of it is the guys that have put so much faith in me. That’s what keeps me going and why I want to get there so bad.”

Fitzpatrick mentioned Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker and Nick Mangold, who acted like Washington, D.C., lobbyists during his protracted contract dispute with the Jets. His teammates used the media and social media to express their affinity for the quarterback and his importance to the team.

Decker posted a video of Fitz hanging out with the boys at a New York Rangers hockey game. An imaginative Marshall, longing for his quarterback, used a Jets teddy bear to simulate Fitzpatrick in a pretend football game, complete with a “Harvard 80” cadence. That, too, got posted.

It was brilliant public relations.

“To stick their neck out in the offseason,” Fitzpatrick said, “that just means a ton to me now.”

It all confirmed Fitzpatrick’s stature in the locker room, but the organization still refused to make an acceptable, long-term commitment even though he set the franchise record with 31 touchdown passes. The Jets eventually coughed up a few million on the eve of training camp, as the two sides agreed to a one-year, $12 million deal. The message to Fitzpatrick was as clear as the sign on MetLife Stadium:

Show us it wasn’t a fluke.

“They didn’t want to fully commit to me with more than one year, and so they want me to prove myself again,” Fitzpatrick said. “That’s fine. I’ve got no problem doing that. I’m betting on myself.”

One of the narratives during the stalemate was that Fitzpatrick, 33, is too old. That’s ridiculous, as many quarterbacks don’t reach their prime until their 30s. The position requires brains, experience and maturity. He’ll be the first to say he doesn’t have the raw talent of the other quarterbacks on the Jets’ roster, but his intangibles are off the charts.

“I’m a better player than I was last year,” he said. “I feel like I keep progressing. I don’t know what the stats are going to be, but I’m going to be a better player this year than I was last year. I know that.”

The best way to prove it? Get the Jets to the postseason.

Philipp Grubauer added to Team Europe roster for World Cup of Hockey – Washington Post

German goaltender Philipp Grubauer has been selected to represent Team Europe at the 2016 World Cup of Hockey, replacing injured Toronto netminder Frederik Andersen. The Maple Leafs announced?on Monday?that Andersen will be sidelined for three to four weeks because of an upper-body injury he suffered in a pre-Olympic qualifier.

Grubauer?s addition to Team Europe makes him the ninth Capitals player named to a World Cup roster, as the German joins?Nicklas Backstrom (Sweden), John Carlson (United States), Braden Holtby (Canada), Evgeny Kuznetsov (Russia), Matt Niskanen (United States), Dmitry Orlov (Russia), T.J. Oshie (United States) and Alex Ovechkin (Russia) at the tournament. Capitals Coach Barry Trotz will also serve as an assistant coach for Team Canada.

The 2016 World Cup of Hockey will be held in Toronto from Sept. 17 through Oct. 1, meaning that players competing in it are expected to miss the start of NHL training camp. With Washington?s top two goaltenders in Holtby and Grubauer both participating, there will be more preseason opportunities for the organization?s other goalies, including prospects Adam Carlson and Vitek Vanecek. Joe Cannata, who Washington signed in free agency, is expected to enter training camp as the top goalie while Holtby and Grubauer are?absent.

Grubauer, 24, represented Germany in international competition at the 2014 world championship, two world junior championships (2009 and 2011) and the 2008 world U-18 championship. Most recently, Grubauer stopped 26 of 28 shots on Sunday in Germany?s 3-2 victory over Latvia to earn Germany a berth in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Grubauer posted a 3-0-0 record with two shutouts, a 0.67 goals-against average and a .970 save percentage in three games at the final Olympic qualification tournament.

With the addition of Grubauer, the Capitals are one of four NHL teams with two goaltenders playing in the 2016 World Cup of Hockey.?Grubauer had?an 8-9-1 record in 2015-16 with a 2.32 goals-against average and a .918 save percentage, and he has posted a 15-15-6 record with a 2.38 goals-against average and a .921 save percentage in 42 career NHL games.

Team Sweden, featuring Backstrom, will face Team Europe, featuring Grubauer, on Sept. 14 in an exhibition game at the Verizon Center. Team Europe draw players from outside of Russia, Sweden, Finland and the Czech Republic, each of which has its own team at the World Cup.