Beach Volleyball Extends Home Win-Streak to 15 –

Grant Kauvar

Grant Kauvar
Communications Student Assistant

BATON ROUGE – After defeating UAB and No. 15 Arizona at the LSU Beach Invitational on Friday, the 10th-ranked LSU beach volleyball team extended its home winning streak at Mango’s Beach Club to 15 matches.

“We keep finding ways to make it interesting and impressive,” said coach Russell Brock. “We had some really gutsy performances today. I’m really pleased with what we did today, and more importantly how we did it, just as a team and pulling together when we needed to.”

The day started with a straight sweep of UAB. Every pair from LSU won their match in consecutive sets. On Court 4, Megan Davenport and Emmy Allen kicked things off, winning 21-11 in both sets. Maddie Ligon and Riley Young shortly followed suite with consecutive 21-14 set victories to give LSU the 2-0 edge.

The Court 1 duo of Claire Coppola and Kristen Nuss won, 21-10 and 21-14. Hunter Domanski and Olivia Powers continued the impressive match for LSU with 21-19 and 21-18 set victories on Court 3.

Haleigh Nelson and Ashley Allmer finished the 5-0 sweep of UAB with a victory on Court 2, winning 22-20 and 21-19.

In its second match of the day, LSU faced its only ranked competition of the weekend in No. 15 Arizona.

The Tigers fell behind after suffering a three-set defeat on Court 5. Ligon and Young took the first set, 21-19, but were unable to finish the job. The LSU duo fell, 21-13 in set two before dropping the third set, 15-11 as Arizona jumped out to an early lead.

It took a gutsy performance from Allen on Court 4 as she and Davenport took the match in three sets. After taking the first set, 21-16, the LSU duo fell in set two, 18-21. Allen and Davenport battled hard in the third set to even the match with a 15-9 win.

On Court 3, Domanski and Powers fell in consecutive sets, 21-13 and 21-18. To even the match back up, Coppola and Nuss won their ninth-consecutive match, all of which have been in straight sets, 21-14 and 21-15.

After falling in the first set, 21-14, the Court 2 duo of Mandi Orellana and Nelson took set two, 21-16. With the third set tied at 14, the LSU pair scored on consecutive points to take the court and clinch the match for the Tigers over Arizona.
Dating back to last season, LSU has now won 15-consecutive home matches at Mango’s Beach Club.

“When you look at that last match, and you see the court surrounded, and you hear the music playing, and our team is all there getting into it, it brings the same feeling that you get in Death Valley on Saturday nights where you get the energy of a crowd propelling the team,” said brock of the Mango’s atmosphere. “It’s been a long time since we’ve lost here heading back to last year. It’s something that we’ve needed and obviously, we’re taking advantage of now.”

On Saturday, the Tigers will face Texas A&M – Kingsville at 1 p.m. and will close the weekend against Jacksonville State at 3 p.m.

The full Saturday schedule can be found at the bottom of this page.

#10 LSU Tigers 5, UAB 0
1. Kristen Nuss/Claire Coppola (LSU) def. Devon May/Kenley Adams (UAB) 21-10, 21-14
2. Haleigh Nelson/Ashley Allmer (LSU) def. Avei Logoleo/Haley Jared (UAB) 22-20, 21-19
3. Olivia Powers/Hunter Domanski (LSU) def. Erin Bognar/Emily Martinez (UAB) 21-19, 21-18
4. Megan Davenport/Emmy Allen (LSU) def. Kaylee McClure/Tressa Buckland (UAB) 21-11, 21-11
5. Maddie Ligon/Riley Young (LSU) def. SalliAnne Napolitano/Gabbi Moreno (UAB) 21-14, 21-14
Ext. Jeni Clark/Emily Hardesty (LSU) def. Alex Kells/Annie Pringle (UAB) 21-17, 19-21, 15-13

#10 LSU Tigers def. #15 Arizona, 3-2
1. Claire Coppola/Kristen Nuss (LSU) def. Natalie Anselmo/Olivia Macdonald (ZONA) 21-14, 21-15
2. Mandi Orellana/Haleigh Nelson (LSU) def. Olivia Hallaran/Kacey Nady (ZONA) 14-21, 21-16, 16-14
3. Stephany Purdue/Lailey Devlin (ZONA) def. Hunter Domanski/Olivia Powers (LSU) 21-13, 21-18
4. Megan Davenport/Emmy Allen (LSU) def. Makenna Martin/Mia Mason (ZONA) 21-16, 18-21, 15-9
5. Jonny Baham/Brooke Burling (ZONA) def. Maddie Ligon/Riley Young (LSU) 19-21, 21-13, 15-11
Ext. Lilly Kessler/Kahlee York (LSU) def. Jaclyn Inclan/Caroline Cordes (ZONA) 21-8, 21-19

9 am – UCA vs No. 15 Arizona
10 am – JSU vs UCA
11 am – UAB vs TAMUK
Noon – TAMUCC vs No. 15 Arizona
1 pm – LSU vs TAMUK
2 pm – TAMUCC vs UAB
3 pm – No. 10 LSU vs JSU

Netflix and Formula One team up for documentary series – Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) – Netflix are to make a documentary series chronicling the 2018 Formula One season and which will be screened next year, the sport’s rights holders announced on Saturday ahead of the opening race in Australia.

The Netflix logo is shown above their booth at Comic Con International in San Diego, California, U.S., July 21, 2017. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Formula One said the makers of the 10-part series would have unparalleled and exclusive access over the course of the year to the drivers, team bosses and owners as well as the sport’s management team.

“Formula One is a global sport that we are actively repositioning from a motorsport company to a media and entertainment brand,” said Sean Bratches, F1’s managing director of commercial operations, in a statement.

Formula One – F1 – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – 27/11/2016 – Mercedes’ Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain leads the pack during the race. REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

“The agreement with Netflix serves to chronicle the fascinating story of what transpires behind the scenes during a grand prix season.

“This is a perspective of the sport that has yet to be unveiled to fans around the world. This series will unleash a compelling vantage point to the sport that will delight fans and serve as a catalyst to entice new fans.”

U.S.-based Liberty Media took over the sport in January last year and plans to grow the sport and appeal to a younger demographic.

Reporting by Alan Baldwin, editing by Sudipto Ganguly

A simple plan for the brilliance of chess | – WPRI 12 Eyewitness News

FALL RIVER, MA. (WPRI) – The game of chess can conjure up its own set of stereotypes.

James Medeiros, who struggled with “a lot of horror” as a teenager, doesn’t seem to fit any of them.

“I just love this game,” he said, while contemplating a move on a three-thousand pound chess table. “I don’t think I ran into this game as a coincidence. I believe I ran into it for a reason and here I am.”

He made the move with his bishop, and he also made the table that sits firmly in the Bennie Costa Plaza housing complex in Fall River.

Before Medeiros carved chess pieces and built colorful chess tables, he was a mental health worker in a psychiatric hospital.

One day he witnessed the magic of the 1500-year old board game as he watched a patient play.

“In one minute he could be in a crisis and violent,” Medeiros said. “And then, sit down and be fine and be engulfed in this game.” 

Medeiros was inspired to learn more about chess, and about five years ago, he came up with a way to share his passion with strangers.

He built his first chess table out of concrete and colorful scraps for the Pleasant View public housing complex.

He made one for the hospital where he worked, and now there are seven of his creations peppered throughout Fall River.

“Adding them right into the infrastructure of a city as an architectural accent, just like a basketball hoop,” Medeiros said.


Marble, rebar, crushed glass and sea shells are all part of the recipe of Mind Fight Chezz Tables, as are people.

“Every table has a story,” Medeiros said.

One memorializes a friend who overdosed on heroin. Another stands strong in a local park.

Medeiros has also distributed about a hundred sets of chess pieces to local children, but one time he witnessed two players using rocks as they played checkers on one of the tables he donated.

His goal is to introduce the game to a new generation.

“You always have to be thinking ahead. Just like in life, you always have to be thinking ahead.”

Medeiros said. “It’s a thinking game. You sit down and relax and you think,”


Medeiros didn’t do much relaxing as a teenager, growing up in poverty in Fall River public housing.


Trouble collapsed on him at age 13, when his father committed suicide.


“I’ve seen a lot of horror in my life. I got kicked out of school several years in a row,” Medeiros said. “The alcohol. The drugs.” 

That tragedy brings him to table number eight, currently under construction in his garage.

It will be placed in Bicentennial Park and dedicated to his 70-year-old uncle, Alphonse Araujo, a Vietnam veteran who helped him when he needed it most.

“Many a nights I ate dinner over his table. Now, I’m in a position to give a table back,” Medeiros said.

He’s invested his own time and money on the project so far, but hopes a corporation can help him do even more to bring this thinking man’s game to a new era that Medeiros says really needs to think about their next move.


“How about a thousand tables in Mass. and a thousand in Rhode Island. A hundred in this city,” Medeiros said. “I want this to be big.”


Send your story ideas to Walt at and follow us on Twitter: @StreetStories12 and @wbuteau.

How DraftKings is prepping for the Supreme Court's sports betting … – CNNMoney

How DraftKings is preparing for legal sports betting

The Supreme Court is expected to soon decide if New Jersey can legalize gambling.

But the case is much bigger than the Garden State, and the sports world knows it.

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In 1992, Congress passed a law that makes it illegal for people to bet on sports in most states. Nevada was made exempt — because gambling is legal there and highly regulated — and Montana, Delaware and Oregon were allowed to keep their sports lotteries. New Jersey is challenging the constitutionality of that law. The case, which pits Jersey against the government, has made it all the way to the country’s highest court.

Annually, illegal sports betting amounts to a roughly $150 billion industry.

DraftKings, a daily fantasy sports site, wants a part of that. It’s currently preparing for the best case scenario: That a positive ruling for New Jersey will open the flood gates for legal sports gambling across the United States.

CEO Jason Robins told CNNMoney in an interview that DraftKings is staffing up for a potential rush.

“We’re pretty excited about it,” he said. “It’s a huge market that has the opportunity to create lots of new players, lots of new revenue and really open up things in a way that they never have been before in the United States.”

It’s a radical change for a company that spent years separating itself from gambling, but Robins said he thinks sports betting could become one of the biggest parts of DraftKings’ business if the Supreme Court rules in favor of wagering on games.

Related: DraftKings and FanDuel won’t merge after all

In 2015, DraftKings, along with its rival in daily fantasy sports, FanDuel, faced regulatory crackdowns and scrutiny from the feds and several states, including New York, Texas and Illinois. The two companies then brought lawsuits against several states and attorneys general who said their business was illegal.

The issue was in the way DraftKings and FanDuel presented themselves. They billed themselves as games of “skill” versus games of “chance,” which are considered betting. But the states alleged that their marketing and websites misled consumers.

According to several filings, both sites downplayed the addictive nature of their games and the advantages professional users had over amateur players. Both sites also inaccurately portrayed how difficult it is to win money.

The companies navigated a series of lawsuits and negative opinions, some of which ended in penalties.

Both companies eventually agreed to each pay $6 million to the state of New York and $1.3 million a piece to Massachusetts. Other litigation is either still pending or was resolved without penalty.

DraftKings and FanDuel attempted to merge their companies as a way to bounce back from the regulatory hurdles they’d faced.

But the Federal Trade Commission raised concerns about antitrust violations and the two companies called it off.

They now face regulations in 19 states, but DraftKings continues to grow its daily fantasy sports business. It currently has a fan base of 9 million players and operates in 41 states, including DC.

Related: DraftKings, FanDuel agree to end college sports contests

Robins said he hasn’t considered what will happen if sports betting is legalized and the NFL doesn’t get on board. But it’s no sure bet that the NFL — perhaps the league most crucial to DraftKings’ success — will embrace gambling.

The NFL has been a vocal opponent of sports betting. It refused to run Super Bowl ads from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and prohibits players from participating in “advertising or promotional activities” that could be seen as relating to gambling or endorsing it.

During a press conference after the NFL’s league meetings on Wednesday, Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league is working to ensure NFL clubs understand how things might change if sports betting is legalized.

“We have to make sure that whatever environment we’re working in, and some of that may be related to what the Supreme Court decides, some of it may be future legislation, but we need to make sure that we’re operating in an environment where we can protect that integrity of our game,” he said.

Despite the NFL’s careful approach, Robins is optimistic.

“I think if it’s done in the right way, then everybody will see that it’s a great value driver. It creates more revenue opportunity for them. It creates more engagement with their fans,” he said.

“Everybody should be able to benefit from it. And when you have a situation like that where everyone should be able to benefit from it, as long as you do it in the right way, I think everybody usually ends up happy at the end.”

CNNMoney (New York) First published March 29, 2018: 12:12 PM ET

Loyola's Sister Jean fires airball with critique of college basketball vs. NBA – USA TODAY


Sister Jean addresses the media at the Final Four and talks about how she and the team are staying humble.


SAN ANTONIO — I don’t have a direct line to God, but I’m fairly certain He or She want to have a little word with Sister Jean.

As in, “Sister Jean, please don’t drag Me into this.’’

Of course, Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt is the 98-year-old nun and team chaplain for the Loyola-Chicago basketball team, not to mention this year’s feel-good story of the NCAA tournament. On Friday they held a press conference for her, and she mostly exhibited her signature grace.

She also fired up a figurative air ball.

NO CRITICS: Sister Jean’s star turn at the Final Four is good

MAKING THE CASE:  Villanova | Michigan | Kansas | Loyola-Chicago

EXPERT PICKS: Predictions for all the games at the Final Four

A reporter asked her if she thought God is a basketball fan.

“He probably is,’’ Sister Jean replied. “And he’s probably a basketball fan more of the NCAA than the NBA. I’ll wager that your view audience is very large this time and that if you compare it to the NBA when they’re playing, it will be different. And I say that because young people are playing with their hearts and not for any financial assistance.’’

As God might be able to tell you, the TV ratings to this point do not support Sister Jean’s prediction. To wit:

The 2017 NBA Finals averaged 20.4 million viewers, as measured by Nielsen viewing data.

The 2017 Final Four seminal games averaged 16.8 million viewers, according to an NCAA news release.

But no matter how anyone feel about those ratings, the merit of NBA basketball vs. NCAA basketball and what the ratings will look like this year, I, for one, am praying that God doesn’t care at all.



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Organizers, wrestling legend say "We want to go against Russia" in Freestyle World Cup – KCRG

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) — Tough tensions between Russia and the U.S. are seeping over into the sports world and a wrestling event in eastern Iowa. Today, Russia announced it’s expelling 60 American diplomats in retaliation for a similar move the U.S. made.

Russia has now said it might stay out of the Freestyle World Cup because athletes haven’t gotten their visas yet.

The Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson released a statement in part saying,”the failure to issue visas to the Russian athletes is a gross violation on the part of the United States of its obligations as a host country to international competitions. It is a case of direct and open discrimination with regard to the team of one of the participating countries.”

But, an organizer and former Olympian told TV9 today they want Russia to be part of the competition.

“We have ferocious battles on the mat but we come back and shake hands,” said Dan Gable.

Olympic gold medalist and former Hawkeye coach Dan Gable has a long history of visiting Russia for wrestling competitions. He says, in person, the Americans and Russians have gotten along and that now is no time to bring claims of discrimination into the ordeal.

“We battle a lot politically but I think if we keep politics and sports separate we actually make ground for both countries,” said Gable.

The Russian statement claiming the U.S. is trying to “eliminate strong rivals” such as them but organizers say the opposite is true.

“We want to wrestle the best countries in the world so we’re really hopeful that this can be resolved and that they can be here,” said Iowa City and Coralville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau President Josh Shamberger.

“We’re going to have a good event, it’s just, how good?” said Gable.

Schamberger says it comes down to procrastination on Russia’s part.

“All of the nations that will be here next week have known since last August that they had qualified and would be participating in the World Cup so it wasn’t really until this week that the Russian Wrestling Federation started to request their visa,” said Shamberger.

“Maybe they outta figure things out ahead of time but who knows the full story? I know we’re having the World Cup and we’re going to have eight teams here. I guess we’re going to have some replacements,” said Gable.

Schamberger says they’ve been reaching out to the state department to get it resolved but he says it doesn’t look good