Teen leads chess clinic to encourage girl players – Brownsville Herald

Posted: Sunday, July 1, 2018 10:01 pm

Teen leads chess clinic to encourage girl players

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A group of young girls gathered to go over battle plans at the Brownsville Public Library Main Branch. Leading them was 17-year-old chess champion Priya Trakru, who explained strategies behind the game on a digital chess board on a television screen.

Trakru, a rising senior at the South Texas Academy for Medical Professions, used grant funding to partner with Brownsville administrators to create the Pawns and Queens Girls Chess Clinic that was held Friday. She said her goal is to increase the number of girls playing chess in Brownsville.

“ When you’re younger, there are some girls in chess, (but) there’s almost a stigma,” Trakru said, adding that there are 10 boys to every girl chess player. “If you can get girls into that male-dominated field, it’s really empowering and you get more confidence. We’re just trying to give girls an opportunity to see what it’s like.”

During the clinic, 21 girls ranging in age from 7 to 14 looked on as Trakru went over chess tactics. They reviewed chess moves used by chess Grandmaster Susan Polgar, credited along with her two sisters for breaking the glass ceiling in chess for women.



Sunday, July 1, 2018 10:01 pm.

Group hosts summer chess tournament – WMC Action News 5

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The Red Hot Red Wolves Summer Chess Tournament was held on Saturday.

Kids, college students, and members of the community were all invited to test their chess skills at the tournament on the Arkansas State University campus.

One man’s love for the game led to him to start a club on the campus and now, as a graduate of the university, he leads a community chess group.

He said he hopes more people in the community begin to see value in the game.

“Chess is a game of not just strategic value or anything like that, but it helps out in a lot of lifeways,” said Famous Taylor, Scarlet Chess Club Founder.  “It teaches critical thinking in life situations, it teaches strategic planning, it teaches all these different aspects of like or situations you can use in life.”

Event organizers said the game can provide useful skills to players of all ages according.

“Chess helps developers so many cognitive abilities, it helps to bridge things together,” said Scarlet Chess Club Student President Bryan Miller.  “They learn strategy, they learn to think ahead, to calm down relax and to focus.”

More than a dozen people participated in the tournament and community sponsors provided prizes for tournament winners.

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