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Chess Corner: A queen’s ransom

This week’s position is related to last week’s column. Like last week’s column, it involves a passed pawn with a rook and king endgame. Unlike last week, however, white secures a wining position this time with a sacrifice. With this hint in mind, please try and find white’s winning move and plan.

Black’s rook eyes white’s pawn, as the pawn is defended by white’s rook. White’s rook slides over to g8, checking black. Black’s king takes the rook.

White’s pawn then promotes with check.


Chess Corner: A queen’s ransom

White’s queen should be enough to win, but it is not easy. White’s king needs to carefully maneuver near the action.

Black will try and keep its rook and king near each. This is to prevent the rook from being captured with a fork. Eventually the white queen and king will get close enough to separate black’s pieces. That’s when white will strike with either mating threats or a fork.

The lesson this week is that a timely rook sacrifice is worth a queen’s ransom.

Morrow writes for Muskogee Phoenix, a CNHI News Service publication.

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