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By: Erin Lisch
June 9, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.- Excitement is reaching a fever pitch in Tallahassee as FSU Baseball’s Super Regional match-up with Sam Houston State kicks off Saturday.

Locals are gearing up for the big weekend series, and seating in the grandstands is already sold out.

Many say there’s been a curse over the Noles, who are heading to their 16th appearance in a Super Regional without ever winning it all. Others say, this year could be a game changer.

Florida State Baseball caught fire at the end of the season, winning six games in a row.

Head coach Mike Martin said, ?Things started happening, guys started believing.”

Fans started believing too.

One FSU fan said, “All together, 1- 9, it’s just a really good line up, and the pitching has been coming around and it’s been fun to watch.”

With a new infield installed for the game, fans are hoping the Noles keep playing the same way.

Avid FSU baseball fan Curtis Marschall said, “I’m real excited. I saw 46 innings of baseball this weekend, and I’m ready to watch another 18, hopefully with a sweep.”

Watching FSU play for years, Fletcher Dilmore said, “My mom’s kind of a bad luck charm, so I asked her to stay home for this series. I also asked her not to attend the College World Series if we make it that far, and I’m pretty confident about it.”

Number 11 gives kudos to Sam Houston State on pitching, defense, and base running.

“It’s an impressive team,? said Coach Martin.

But some fans are not impressed with the spelling of their nickname.

Dilmore asks a member of the team,”Why do you spell Bearkats with a K?”

His response, “I just work here honestly.”

“Doesn’t make sense, and that’s one of the reasons Florida State’s going to win,” said Dilmore.

Mike Martin knows one thing is for sure, “It?s a game which anything can happen.”

The series is a best of three games, with thoughts of Omaha on everyone’s minds.

This is the first time FSU is hosting a Super Regional in four years.

If you would like to see the Noles on the diamond, single game tickets will go on sale tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m.

Click here for ticket information.

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