What Radisson Blu’s ‘BluRoutes’ Mean for Runners and Cyclists in Europe

We can’t help to think that the folks at Radisson Blu are tired of hearing excuses from their road warrior guests on why they don’t workout in hotels, so they’ve come up what they think is the perfect solution–#BluRoutes.

Each participating hotel has called upon their very own staff who consider themselves fitness enthusiasts to create the ideal jogging and cycling routes that start and end at the hotel. Each hotel will offer a handful of routes, varying in length and degree of difficulty, to appeal to the casual exerciser to the semi-pro racer.

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What Does It Mean for a Hotel to be ‘Eco-Friendly’ in Costa Rica?

When travel writers begin to talk about what the model for eco-friendly toursim should look like, every conversation starts with Costa Rica. The country turned to tourism in the late 80s to spark its economy, but it did something different than other destinations: It put forth an envious effort to make responsibility within the industry just as important as profitability. LEED certifications are trendy for hotels in North America, but sustainability is a way of life in Costa Rica.

The Certification of Sustainable Tourism is not mandatory or required of any business in the country, yet when you talk to any owner or operator, it seems so second nature that you can only assume it

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